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Businesswoman with Mask

COVID 19 Update as of Winter 2022

  • All of the individual offices and collective spaces at PCC are equipped with air purifiers and aerosol disinfectants.

  • We ask that if you are in the lobby with people outside of your family group, please wear a mask. 

  • Wearing a mask in session is a decision you and your therapist can make. We will be happy to wear one if asked and not already doing so. We also ask if your therapist requests for you to wear a mask, then please do so. 

  • Virtual sessions are available.

  • If you have been in high risk areas (planes, cruises, crowded spaces), we ask you mask both in lobby and in session for at least a week after. 

  • If you or someone you’ve been in contact with has tested positive for COVID, please let your therapist know. Especially before coming in person or if you saw your therapist within the week you tested positive. 

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