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Karinna Pérez Cantú
LCSW # 55582


My Info


Monday/Tuesday evenings, Wednesday/Friday mornings.

Insurance Accepted:

Atena, United Health Care/Optum/Oscar


Grief and Loss

Anger Management



Family Conflict

Life Transitions

Treatment Approaches

Trauma Focused

Relational-Cultural Approach

Narrative Theory

Role Theory


Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Interpersonal Neurobiology Theory

Strengths Based Perspective


One of the most exciting things in therapy is creating a space where individuals recognize their strengths and potential. I strive to create a relationship with clients where all accomplishments are celebrated, all possibilities are explored, and all obstacles are processed. When our mental health is suffering, we are unable to see ourselves completely. We can get locked in tunnel vision, thinking we or our environments are incapable of change. I hope to expand the vision people have of themselves so they can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.


I assist clients as they struggle with anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, and relationship issues. I work on recognizing generational and historical trauma, processing why our actions are in conflict with who we may want to be. If we have not processed our own trauma, we are in jeopardy of passing it on to those we love. I work on mindfulness techniques that can be utilized at home, work, or school. Additionally, I discuss coping strategies unique to a client’s individual interest and personality. 


Hablo español y soy de la frontera de Texas. I have been in the Austin area since “the turn of the 20th Century” and have worked as a social worker and therapist with schools and non-profits. I have a background in acting, sketch comedy, and writing. I use skills from my past work to help clients put their feelings and thoughts into words as they work on their healing. Additionally, I use humor, nature, science, films, books, and current events as part of the therapeutic process.


I look forward to working with clients of all gender expressions aged 11 and older.

I am currently taking new clients for evening appointments.


Healing can be a long journey. Congratulations on taking your first step. 


“It’s in that space where softness and vulnerability meet strength that we transcend our everyday selves, that we become something greater, something majestic, maybe even something super.” -Gabby Rivera 

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