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Cristy Ragland


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Cristy is currently not accepting new clients.


Board Approved Supervisor by both the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists under the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council.

LPC-S #19537

LMFT-S #200924


EMDR Certified



Attachment Trauma

Sand Tray Therapy

Play Therapy





Relationship Issues




We all have a story. Many times what brings us to counseling is recognizing that we want a new story and don’t know how to get there. Or we realize that parts of our past story were really hurtful and we feel stuck- that we learned how to interact and move through relationships and our world based on a story we wish was different. Our bodies and minds are amazing at helping us to adapt to a way of seeing and interacting with each other and self that many times in the moment is protective and helpful.  Sometimes those functional and protective responses to our pain are working in ways that no longer serve us in the way we want now.  Only looking at those responses might help manage the discomfort for awhile, but will not bring true healing or freedom. Understanding and integrating our painful experiences of life into our story in a healing and relational way can help us garner more control and choice over our lives.  Learning how to navigate relationships, to understand our own needs and the needs of others can help create space for authentic intimacy and fulfilling community.  


My passion for this work is rooted in my belief that authentic, vulnerable connection changes us- changes our stories. I am a bit of a brain nerd and so when I began to understand that connection doesn’t only shift our emotional world- but actually creates changes in our brain and within our bodies- well, that was super hopeful. I believe that change can’t help but happen when we have connections that more accurately reflect the heart of who we are vs. what we’ve been told or tell ourselves. To journey with people, to be one of those connections, is counted as an honor and privilege.


I am the general manager, co-owner and co-founder of Pflugerville Counseling Center, PLLC.  The State of Texas has licensed me as a  Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and certified EMDR therapist. I have been practicing for almost 20 years, focusing on trauma/abuse, attachment and relational issues, faith and spirituality*, and working with families, adults, adolescents, and children.   


Specialized training in several areas has allowed me to grow areas of interest and competency as a therapist: 


IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology - seeing how the brain, body, and relationships all work together)

Sandtray Therapy 

Play Therapy

Circle of Security Parent Facilitator

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Certification

EMDR Integrative Team Treatment for Attachment Trauma in Children

Adoption/Attachment/Trauma Master Class with Robyn Gobbel, LCSW

Play Therapy

Intimacy Therapy

Trust Based Relational Intervention - TBRI Trained


*A note about working with faith and spirituality- I really love being with people as they make their own journey in their spiritual lives and I don’t have an agenda of where those journeys might take you. I come from a Christian background and have training in Christian counseling- though what that means significantly varies from therapist to therapist. My faith and the practice of has been a source of hope, security, and love for me while also being a place of deep confusion- sometimes significant hurt and disappointment. I know it can be all of that and much more for many of you. 

For so long and still in a lot of places, Christian meant rejection and pain for our LGBTQIA+ family and friends. I want to be explicit that I believe in the full humanity of these communities- knowing their identities and relationships are seen by me as nothing more or less than good and right and no more or less than the image of God. 

I respect and celebrate diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, body type/size, religion, abilities, and neurodivergence. 

I am committed as a white therapist and business owner to understanding and untangling my own biases and working towards anti-racist values, perspectives, and actions in this practice.

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