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Meredith Garreau 
LPC Associate 


My Info


Mon. & Wed. 11am - 7pm

Tues. & Thur. 8am - 4pm

Fri. 11am - 4pm

Private pay only.

Sliding scale available.



Interpersonal Therapy

Couples Therapy



Family of Origin

Life Transitions

Do you want a big life, but just can't quite seem to get there? Do you feel like you're living Groundhog Day in your relationships? Does the path forward feel like driving into a night fog? I help people who yearn for adventure, but are often held back by their harsh inner critic, find confidence and peace through authentic, personalized therapy. If you've made it past the first few sentences, schedule a FREE consultation. If after speaking I'm not the right fit for you, then I would LOVE to point you to other resources and providers. You are a human of innate value and so worthy of quality, connective therapy.


As your therapist, I aim to use a three-pronged approach to make lasting positive changes in your life. 1. Build an authentic and deep relationship to explore your journey. 2. Identify the roots of the problem using family therapy tools to address patterns and clarify your future path. 3. Build practical and creative coping skills for present relief.
I know what it is to battle that inner critic. I promise to show up as myself and expect you will too. Therapy is hard, but there will be laughter. If you're ready to do the work required for change, please reach out. I'm so looking forward to seeing you reconnect with you.

Supervised by:
Julie James, LPC-S #69998


“Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” - Dr. Brené Brown

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