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Do you ever feel confused by your own behavior and responses to other people? Maybe even to your own children? Do you struggle with feeling disconnected or angry with others? With your family? 


As an adoptive and former foster mom, I am extremely passionate about helping   families feel connected and thrive.  I’m a mother of five children who understands the challenges, rewards, extreme ups and downs of having a family. 


I am also very passionate about helping others really see their strengths. I offer unconditional acceptance and truly believe we are all doing the best we can, in the moment, and that all behavior makes sense.  For example, in children, different behaviors are their way of communicating. Small children don’t have the ability to say, “I’m anxious” or “I feel alone”. Often, when a child is struggling with fear or hurt, it shows up like anger. This happens with adults too.


We will work together to find quick, applicable coping strategies to help in the “now” as well as work on deeper healing.  I will help you gain an understanding of how our body, brain and nervous system work together. This helps create self compassion and compassion for others, and widens the door into healing. 


I use play therapy, expressive arts, sand tray, and other creative interventions to help the children and families I work with because sometimes words are hard. I strive to make all of my clients feel comfortable and safe.   


Theories that influence my approach include interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Intimacy Therapy. I also work with parents and families within a Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) framework.


“I’ve never met a true self I haven’t fallen in love with.” Candyce Ossefort-Russell